Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The more I learn about AGLOCO, the more I write about AGLOCO. And a big part of the learning process involves talking to other people who are interested in this new company. There seem to be two problems that stalk this company, one that is not a big deal and the other that could be potentially very dangerous to this new business model.

The first is not really a problem at all. That is the question of the Viewbar, when it will be available and will it harm the user's computer. The question of spyware always seems to come up. It is my opinion that the concept of AGLOCO putting spyware on anyone's computer will fade rather quickly. They have repeatedly stated that they have no interest and nothing to gain from secretly loading up software that the end user does not want. In fact, if the company ever made that mistake it would be the end of any credibility they would have. So, rest assured the company founders have no desire to destroy the great momentum they have created with some sad spyware programs.

The real issues with the Viewbar are how obtrusive will it be on the bottom of my browser, and how long do we all have to wait to actually get a working Viewbar that can start creating some cash flow? The first is not really known. From all indications the Viewbar will be resting on the base of the web browser and will not get in the way of any normal functions you would be performing on the net. Whether it will have "moving parts" as in flash or streaming content remains to be seen. My guess is that the AGLOCO team is going to be too smart to make the mistake that so many desperate advertisers make, which you are all too familiar with. How many times have you gone to a website only to have found tons of ads, frantically flashing advertisements that promise free gifts, and cheap looking multi-colored ads all mashed together in a mayhem of noise. The business leaders who started this new company will have the business and sociological skills to know that this form of advertiser never really worked well, and especially has no place in today's more sophisticated web surfer. People are at a point now where they can tell a garbage website pretty quickly compared to a quality content site.

The answer as to when is the Viewbar going to be available, well the good news there is that we have an initial start date of somewhere in February of 2007. For the first members who signed up in late November of 2006 there will be a rollout of the live Viewbar between February 6th to 23rd. Why those dates in particular? If you use the start point from when AGLOCO announced that they would have a live Viewbar operational, and use their given time of 7 to 10 weeks, it lands somewhere in those days in February. I can't imagine not having almost everyone a live Viewbar by no later that May.

The second overall problem is more serious. Most people I talk to are not that interested in getting shares of the company stock. In fact, they honestly just want the money. I don't blame them, owning shares of stock is more esoteric. Average people want to boost there average spending power. The only good way to do that is with good old fashioned money. Shares of AGLOCO are not terribly enticing. The company is new, and a start-up is just that. But I tell my friends and anyone who will listen that using shares is a great idea. It creates a worldwide foundation for how to compensate all AGLOCO members. From there, as the company gets it footing and builds a base of users, it can use those same shares as a mode of payment. Whether it is a dividend that can change from month to month or a repurchase program where you turn in your shares for money. Perhaps a blend, where you get some stock and some cash. Or maybe even you get shares and there is a moving market for them, so that you can sell them back to the company at varying price points.

The situation with AGLOCO is brand new, and the company will be successful. That is my belief. This model of advertising is here to stay and should be very effective for years. Even though we do not know right now how AGLOCO will pay their users, we do know one thing. If they don't pay them anything, they will not continue to keep using the viewbar. And if they do not use the Viewbar, then AGLOCO is going to be broke in very short order. This simple and pessimistic future will not happen. AGLOCO is smart, they will pay their users, and they will thrive.

Monday, December 25, 2006


In all the internet discussions about AGLOCO rarely do you find one that actually talks about how much money someone can make. We know that signing-up referrals can get you more money with the AGLOCO system, but how much more? Thanks to some recent updates by the company we are now a little closer to figuring that out.

AGLOCO's official blog recently mentioned the fact that your income from the company will double with every five successful referrals you make to the company. Although this still does not provide a hard number into your potential earnings, it does provide a good picture. Let's use some examples:

Say that for your five hours of use of the AGLOCO Viewbar plus your first five referrals came to a grand total of three dollars a month in revenue. That is just an arbitrary figure, it could be more or less than that in reality. The AGLOCO Viewbar is scheduled to be released to the earliest members sometime in February of this year. The three dollars is just for demonstration. Now, with three dollars in earnings for your own usage plus your first five referrals, we can simply use AGLOCO's formula for how we will make huge AGLOCO profits.

For every five more sign-ups you get, your income will double. So using our example, let's say you got twenty total sign-ups. Going from five referrals to ten means doubling that three dollars to six bucks. Okay, now let's add five more. So 15 total sign-ups means we double the six bucks to 12 dollars. Not too bad. Let's move on to 20 total sign-ups. We double our AGLOCO income (again) to a total of 24 dollars. Every five referrals means that you double your income.

This is very exciting news for heavy recruiters who already have over 1,000 registrations in their downline. For anyone who can get to a total of 10,000 or better, the amount of money AGLOCO will be paying out will be amazing. Especially considering this company had no upfront costs, no privacy invasions, and their landing page makes for a very easy sell to your friends and family. The message is simple. You are being served up ads all over the internet, why not make a few bucks since it is unavoidable. No gimmicks, no tricks, just register and use the Viewbar for five hours a month. Get your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same and make a lot more money.

Everyone is a winner with AGLOCO. If you haven't sign-up yet, you should do so today.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Making AGLOCO money is going to be simple. At the same time, it should be clear to everyone involved how that money will be earned. A major component of this new company is convincing people to sign-up and believe that there will be a financial incentive in the end. Selling people to trust in something so revolutionary is simple in one sense (no cost to join, no spyware on the Viewbar) but hard in another, because people are naturally skeptical. Online consumers have become used to being pitched so many things on the internet, the tendency will be to just view this new company as another false promise. "What's the catch" is always the tagline when something sounds really good but little is needed to get it.

With AGLOCO, one of the things that I am noticing is that people can get carried away with the Member Calculator. When plugging in numbers to calculate how valuable your downlline will be, it is important to remember that the results that are given are not in dollars. They are not in any nation's currency. Those figures are based on AGLOCO shares. The important thing when you hear this news is not to get discouraged or assume that this means being part of this company has no value. AGLOCO is going to be extremely valuable to people, especially those who get sign-up early and recruit their friends and family into the company. The reality is that the shares are just one step along the way to get the money.

Here is how AGLOCO will pay its members, remember that AGLOCO is a brand new company and they will need some time to execute their strategy. First, the company is in the early phase of trying to get as many new members (owners) as possible. The more people that join, the more valuable the network is to advertisers, and the more money AGLOCO will make from those advertisers. This includes signing up people from around the world, in various countries. Rather than confront the situation of having to arrange payment to the members with various currencies, the solution was to issue shares from the company. This solves two problems at once.

First, it sets a universal payment platform. So now matter if a member lives in Canada, Italy, or whatever nation, they will all receive the same payment (of ownership) from the company. Later, those shares can be used to generate actual revenue in the currency for that nation. Second, this company is new and new companies need to acquire all the things that make the business possible, like computers, employees, equipment, office space, etc. The seed money of a company is just that, it needs to be put back into the business to grow for the future. AGLOCO will need some time (how much is never really discussed) to invest in itself. Issuing shares to members allows the company a little time to prepare itself, handle any difficulties that arise, and build up a financial reserve. Shares will compensate as almost an IOU, where the company is paying its membership currently but will substitue the money for the shares at another time. How they do that is still not resolved either, but it most likely will take the form of a dividend payment or a share repurchase situation, where members would turn in their shares for a certain amount of money in return.

Give this company some time. Patience, for a brand new company pushing a brand new concept, and with a brand new word, AGLOCO. They deserve it. For those who stick with the company, build their base, tell their friends, and utilize the program (actively using the Viewbar) there will be a good financial return in the end. Especially considering you put zero dollars into the company in the first place. You can't beat that investment.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The question for AGLOCO users is whether they will pay the membership with cash or will they provide them with shares in the new company. The answer to that question is probably both. For the early members of AGLOCO, we are almost certain to receive shares of AGLOCO stock. In fact, on the company website they point out that members will receive five shares of stock (assuming the member surfs the net for five hours) each month. Also, for every referral member that surfs five hours each month you will receive 1.25 shares.

People I have talked with seem to think this is a dangerous proposition. Most people remember the dot-com bust, and the running joke about internet stocks. People in general do not care about owning shares of a company. They want money, plain and simple. And making the offer of stock ownership to the members is somewhat of a risk.

Now, let me explain the bright side of this equation. AGLOCO is brand new and they need to establish themselves. Using shares for payment is not only an easy way (cheap that is) to pay the early users but also it makes for a very convenient way to provide payment. It can all be done "in house" inside the computer systems of AGLOCO instead of arranging accounts of dollars, or whatever potential currency the member would desire. Eventually (read that as in the first 100 days) the company will have to begin providing some form of currency payment. The reason I say this is not because I have any inside knowledge of the company, but because I know human nature.

AGLOCO will need to provide cash in the intermediate term to its members for one simple reason. They will fail as a company if they do not. There is no way this company can even begin to think they will have any success if they do not compensate the membership. This company is truly the circle of life. People will join and become members, allowing the ads to be directly served to them on the Viewbar. The only reason they will allow the Viewbar to serve them ads month after month is if they are provided money. Not shares, not ownership in an internet company, the membership will need to be paid money. Dollars. Because if they are not, then they will quickly begin to fade, uninstall the Viewbar, the system will fail and the leadership of the company will be provided no money and they will look like fools. I don't see this as the future.

Everything is connected. Advertisers will pay AGLOCO money because so many people will have that active Viewbar in front of them. The members will let the Viewbar advertise to them because they will have a monetary incentive to see those ads. AGLOCO essentially will be the administrator between the two, taking 10% off the top for themselves and all the glory for reinventing the advertising wheel. The entire system (leading members, top advertisers, company management) will all benefit from the enormous free press that will be garnered when AGLOCO becomes front page news. The leadership will do interviews for the media outlets, the top members will be well compensated for their efforts, top advertisers will get all the more attention not only because of the flood of new members signing-up but also from the darling status that AGLOCO will enjoy.

This is how the story of AGLOCO will unfold in 2007. This is also why you need to join AGLOCO now. This is the beginning of another great internet transformation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


AGLOCO has recently announced great news! The Viewbar (that wonderful toolbar that is going to pay you to surf the net) is going to be released very soon. Although there is still no definitive date, the range given by the company state that the Viewbar will be available somewhere in February.

The announcement came on December 16th that the Viewbar would be released to the earliest members of the AGLOCO community in the next 7 - 10 weeks. That translates to February 2 to February 23 for those early members to begin generating income. As far as a full rollout to all members, there still is no date. But the good news is that some members will be "live" in February, which means that by the Spring of 2007 there should be an extremely vibrant network. Those of us that have built up substantial referrals will be well compensated.

The more money that AGLOCO makes, the more free press they get, and the more active members will be in signing up their friends and family. The power of this network to grow is amazing. This company has great opportunity, and the great news is that we are the company. The Viewbar is the key to the entire money generating machine. With that just weeks away, the time is now to build up your referrals. Remember to let your friends now that the Viewbar has zero spyware, zero adware, and that the advertisements that run on this toolbar will be making the member money, not some internet advertising monstrosity, like Yahoo. The Viewbar will bring in substantial money to the company, and they will in turn distribute that to the members. How much you ask? The answer is 90% of all AGLOCO revenue will be distributed to members, both for their usage and for their referrals.

I don't know about you, but I can not wait for the Viewbar. More to come!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


When AGLOCO does become fully functional, the entire operation of the system (company) will be s small toolbar that sits at the bottom of your browser. The smart technology in the Viewbar will be able to determine what you search, quite the same way Google can post contextual advertisements that match what you are searching on their webpage.

For instance, say you were searching for baseball cleats using any of the given search engines. The Viewbar would reflect that search with ads that were relevant at least in category. You might see advertisements on the Viewbar for baseball cleats, baseball products of any type, or perhaps baseball tickets. The point is, even if it the advertisements displayed were not exactly what you were searching for, the resulting ads would (theoretically) be a match to at least the subject matter being searched.

The Viewbar itself will be made up of six actual components, each with its own functionality. Some portions will be for communication with members, others will generate revenue for the company (and eventually yourself, since you are the company) and another will be essentially a "what you get" out of AGLOCO, similar to a bank account.

Let's review the six sections, ranging from left to right.

First, on the far right, the Viewbar will have the AGLOCO symbol. Clicking on that will take you to (or display on the Viewbar) your accrued balance for surfing the internet while having the AGLOCO Viewbar active. Remember, at first all members will only earn up to five hours of online activity each month. This part of the Viewbar is your activity with AGLOCO. This company is different from most that you are accustomed with, because in this case you will have ownership and payment from the same company, so your participation matters.

Moving to the right, the next larger field is the main money producing section for AGLOCO. This larger link (or group of links) will be the displayed advertisement section. Whatever you are doing online, AGLOCO will attempt to match it with advertisements that have a direct correlation, or at least the same subject matter. If privacy is a concern, remember that the company software is simply matching words with ads. No one is categorizing your particular activity on the internet. The AGLOCO software will operate much like Yahoo's or Google's, where the technology sees a group of words, compares them to all the advertisements it has on file, and displays a few that are considered to be the most similar in content. Searching sports topics will produce sports related ads, while searching for perfume will produce ads from fragrance companies. In a nutshell, this is Google and Yahoo software, but now you get some of the payout from the ads displayed, instead of these few companies getting it all.

The next portion of the Viewbar, again moving to the right, will be another less specific revenue product for the company. The advertisement here will be more of a mass audience appeal. For instance, say a new movie is coming out and the producers of that movie want to get as many eyes hearing and seeing that name. To reach millions of people at once they will pay AGLOCO a few to have an ad running on the Viewbar say for an entire day, or to display that ad on millions of Viewbars. This part of the Viewbar is great for the company because here they (we) can leverage the power of the many. Even though this type of ad will not be necessary relevant (not everyone cares about the next big movie) AGLOCO can make good money from it because they can charge big dollars for showing it to a great many people. Also, this ad could be somewhat targeted. Although AGLOCO does not know much about you, they do know what city and state you live in. So, for an example, say an advertiser wanted to run an ad to as many people as he could reach in the state of Illinois. AGLOCO could tell that advertiser that we have 300,000 users registered from that state. AGLOCO, without disclosing any personal or private information, can run that advertisement in a geographically targeted way and make even more money.

Next over is a search window. This part of the Viewbar is interesting to me because it would seem to indicate that AGLOCO will have the ability to compete directly with Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. If the quality of the AGLOCO search is anything near that of standard operating search engines, this could be easily the biggest money maker for the company. Searching on the internet is now a multi-billion dollar business in America, so this is very exciting to have a search component built in. Let's hope that AGLOCO pours lots of resources into this part of the software. No doubt that a search conducted with the AGLOCO search feature will result in the same type of contextual ads that all search engines use.

Still moving right we have a feature on the Viewbar which is not a money generating device. This button, which will most likely have a "talk bubble" on the button, is for your internal workings and communication in the Economic Network. This network is the company, it is all the users, including your direct and indirect referrals. There is also the distinct (almost certain) ability to include your friends and family, anyone you choose, to be in a communication network. Part of the ingenious structure of AGLOCO is that (again much like Google) they are including a free internal communication network where users can IM or use free internet telephone software to communicate with each other. This will help create viral growth of the company, not to mention keep everyone in the network informed and happy. This particular button will also be used to check on your "economic" status with the company. Think of a bank account and brokerage account combined, because there is a good chance you will get paid in both shares and money. This button is a combination of all things tied to you in the AGLOCO network, the money you have earned, your accumulated shares, and your network of people who you communicate with, not to mention your total referrals and there economic generation for the company. In addition, the company itself will probably use this portion of the Viewbar as a direct way to communicate with the membership.

On the far right is the last, small tab, which does only one thing. If for any reason you wish to not look at the Viewbar, you can press this button and minimize the Viewbar. This does nothing to your account, it is just the very nice option of being able to discontinue seeing the Viewbar with the click of button, anytime you wish.

That's quite a bit wrapped up in a single toolbar. Perhaps this is why AGLOCO is waiting to make sure all the software is functioning properly before they release it. I believe this is better than running the software out immediately and having to bring the system down for repairs. This may happen anyway, but at least the company can say they did everything possible to prevent any interruption in the service. It will be a great day when they release the Viewbar, who knows how much money this company (and we the membership) can make.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Click right here if you want easy, free money. When you think about all the promises of money from the internet it's really not hard to become jaded. Everyone guarantees financial freedom and untold riches are just around the corner. Fortunately, I believe people are becoming wise to all the scams. Which is why when there truly is some good news out there it is harder to get people's attention.

And there is good news. AGLOCO. Yes, I know, that doesn't make sense. It isn't even a word. AGLOCO, or, A GLObal COmmunity, is a new service that has just hit the internet. Actually, it is so new that the company is still not quite off the ground, but they are moving fast. This is a company that is going to make a lot of people some serious money and you can participate at zero dollar cost to you. I know, too good to be true, but read on. For all the liars on the internet there are still a few people that tell the truth.

AGLOCO is a company that has been formed to take advantage of what all of us own. At least all of us on the internet. The same thing that has made Google and Yahoo billions in revenue. Search. The internet, now more than ever, is based on searching for goods, services, reviews, and all sorts of information. Google has become a household name and they did all by making money in one thing. Search. Have you ever noticed all the online advertisements that fill many of the webpages that you surf? That is Yahoo, Google and others all capitalizing on your search. All the people searching on the internet for countless things made fortunes for these companies.

Now enter AGLOCO. There idea is simple. Why does everyone on the internet allow Google and a handful of advertising companies to get all the money from search? We should not. When we search for things, that is our time and the advertisers that pay Yahoo money should pay us the money. In short, AGLOCO is going to serve up the same types of ads you always see when you surf. The difference is they will serve them on a Viewbar that you have on your browser and YOU (not Google) will collect the money that advertisers pay. Think about it - why should Google and Yahoo, or Microsoft, get all the money? They are essentially middlemen between you and the advertiser, collecting lots of money. If you sign-up with AGLOCO you can get the money that advertisers pay for the things you search!

It doesn't stop there. Once you are a member you can ask your friends and family to sign-up. No pitch, no money to spend, no selling your information. Just "Hey, Mom and Dad, would you like to make the money that Google is currently making from your online activity?" It is only a matter of time before this idea becomes common sense in America and around the world. The whole time these few companies have monopolized the search advertising dollars (which is a billion dollar industry and growing ever year) while it is you and I who have been searching. If other people do sign-up to this amazing new program, you will earn money for their search, too. In fact, the referral system goes five deep. So if you only sign-up a few friends or family you could actually wind-up with thousands of referrals under you. Think about the fact that you could be part of the payout for thousands of people searching online and all the ad revenue they will be generating.

AGLOCO is going to change the face of the internet. This company is going to change how people view advertising on the web. So much of the internet has been direct contact, whether it is online auctions, buying cars, buying just about anything, finding a job, making a brokerage or banking transaction, all the things the internet has allowed us to take part directly in life. Now the time has come for us to take part directly in the advertising money that companies pay to try to sell us stuff. We can own that. You can own yet another part of what is inherently yours in the first place. Sign-up for AGLOCO today. No money, no loss of privacy, only taking money off the table from the big boys and putting it in your pocket, because it belongs to all of us anyway. A Global Community.