Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The question for AGLOCO users is whether they will pay the membership with cash or will they provide them with shares in the new company. The answer to that question is probably both. For the early members of AGLOCO, we are almost certain to receive shares of AGLOCO stock. In fact, on the company website they point out that members will receive five shares of stock (assuming the member surfs the net for five hours) each month. Also, for every referral member that surfs five hours each month you will receive 1.25 shares.

People I have talked with seem to think this is a dangerous proposition. Most people remember the dot-com bust, and the running joke about internet stocks. People in general do not care about owning shares of a company. They want money, plain and simple. And making the offer of stock ownership to the members is somewhat of a risk.

Now, let me explain the bright side of this equation. AGLOCO is brand new and they need to establish themselves. Using shares for payment is not only an easy way (cheap that is) to pay the early users but also it makes for a very convenient way to provide payment. It can all be done "in house" inside the computer systems of AGLOCO instead of arranging accounts of dollars, or whatever potential currency the member would desire. Eventually (read that as in the first 100 days) the company will have to begin providing some form of currency payment. The reason I say this is not because I have any inside knowledge of the company, but because I know human nature.

AGLOCO will need to provide cash in the intermediate term to its members for one simple reason. They will fail as a company if they do not. There is no way this company can even begin to think they will have any success if they do not compensate the membership. This company is truly the circle of life. People will join and become members, allowing the ads to be directly served to them on the Viewbar. The only reason they will allow the Viewbar to serve them ads month after month is if they are provided money. Not shares, not ownership in an internet company, the membership will need to be paid money. Dollars. Because if they are not, then they will quickly begin to fade, uninstall the Viewbar, the system will fail and the leadership of the company will be provided no money and they will look like fools. I don't see this as the future.

Everything is connected. Advertisers will pay AGLOCO money because so many people will have that active Viewbar in front of them. The members will let the Viewbar advertise to them because they will have a monetary incentive to see those ads. AGLOCO essentially will be the administrator between the two, taking 10% off the top for themselves and all the glory for reinventing the advertising wheel. The entire system (leading members, top advertisers, company management) will all benefit from the enormous free press that will be garnered when AGLOCO becomes front page news. The leadership will do interviews for the media outlets, the top members will be well compensated for their efforts, top advertisers will get all the more attention not only because of the flood of new members signing-up but also from the darling status that AGLOCO will enjoy.

This is how the story of AGLOCO will unfold in 2007. This is also why you need to join AGLOCO now. This is the beginning of another great internet transformation.


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