Saturday, December 16, 2006


When AGLOCO does become fully functional, the entire operation of the system (company) will be s small toolbar that sits at the bottom of your browser. The smart technology in the Viewbar will be able to determine what you search, quite the same way Google can post contextual advertisements that match what you are searching on their webpage.

For instance, say you were searching for baseball cleats using any of the given search engines. The Viewbar would reflect that search with ads that were relevant at least in category. You might see advertisements on the Viewbar for baseball cleats, baseball products of any type, or perhaps baseball tickets. The point is, even if it the advertisements displayed were not exactly what you were searching for, the resulting ads would (theoretically) be a match to at least the subject matter being searched.

The Viewbar itself will be made up of six actual components, each with its own functionality. Some portions will be for communication with members, others will generate revenue for the company (and eventually yourself, since you are the company) and another will be essentially a "what you get" out of AGLOCO, similar to a bank account.

Let's review the six sections, ranging from left to right.

First, on the far right, the Viewbar will have the AGLOCO symbol. Clicking on that will take you to (or display on the Viewbar) your accrued balance for surfing the internet while having the AGLOCO Viewbar active. Remember, at first all members will only earn up to five hours of online activity each month. This part of the Viewbar is your activity with AGLOCO. This company is different from most that you are accustomed with, because in this case you will have ownership and payment from the same company, so your participation matters.

Moving to the right, the next larger field is the main money producing section for AGLOCO. This larger link (or group of links) will be the displayed advertisement section. Whatever you are doing online, AGLOCO will attempt to match it with advertisements that have a direct correlation, or at least the same subject matter. If privacy is a concern, remember that the company software is simply matching words with ads. No one is categorizing your particular activity on the internet. The AGLOCO software will operate much like Yahoo's or Google's, where the technology sees a group of words, compares them to all the advertisements it has on file, and displays a few that are considered to be the most similar in content. Searching sports topics will produce sports related ads, while searching for perfume will produce ads from fragrance companies. In a nutshell, this is Google and Yahoo software, but now you get some of the payout from the ads displayed, instead of these few companies getting it all.

The next portion of the Viewbar, again moving to the right, will be another less specific revenue product for the company. The advertisement here will be more of a mass audience appeal. For instance, say a new movie is coming out and the producers of that movie want to get as many eyes hearing and seeing that name. To reach millions of people at once they will pay AGLOCO a few to have an ad running on the Viewbar say for an entire day, or to display that ad on millions of Viewbars. This part of the Viewbar is great for the company because here they (we) can leverage the power of the many. Even though this type of ad will not be necessary relevant (not everyone cares about the next big movie) AGLOCO can make good money from it because they can charge big dollars for showing it to a great many people. Also, this ad could be somewhat targeted. Although AGLOCO does not know much about you, they do know what city and state you live in. So, for an example, say an advertiser wanted to run an ad to as many people as he could reach in the state of Illinois. AGLOCO could tell that advertiser that we have 300,000 users registered from that state. AGLOCO, without disclosing any personal or private information, can run that advertisement in a geographically targeted way and make even more money.

Next over is a search window. This part of the Viewbar is interesting to me because it would seem to indicate that AGLOCO will have the ability to compete directly with Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. If the quality of the AGLOCO search is anything near that of standard operating search engines, this could be easily the biggest money maker for the company. Searching on the internet is now a multi-billion dollar business in America, so this is very exciting to have a search component built in. Let's hope that AGLOCO pours lots of resources into this part of the software. No doubt that a search conducted with the AGLOCO search feature will result in the same type of contextual ads that all search engines use.

Still moving right we have a feature on the Viewbar which is not a money generating device. This button, which will most likely have a "talk bubble" on the button, is for your internal workings and communication in the Economic Network. This network is the company, it is all the users, including your direct and indirect referrals. There is also the distinct (almost certain) ability to include your friends and family, anyone you choose, to be in a communication network. Part of the ingenious structure of AGLOCO is that (again much like Google) they are including a free internal communication network where users can IM or use free internet telephone software to communicate with each other. This will help create viral growth of the company, not to mention keep everyone in the network informed and happy. This particular button will also be used to check on your "economic" status with the company. Think of a bank account and brokerage account combined, because there is a good chance you will get paid in both shares and money. This button is a combination of all things tied to you in the AGLOCO network, the money you have earned, your accumulated shares, and your network of people who you communicate with, not to mention your total referrals and there economic generation for the company. In addition, the company itself will probably use this portion of the Viewbar as a direct way to communicate with the membership.

On the far right is the last, small tab, which does only one thing. If for any reason you wish to not look at the Viewbar, you can press this button and minimize the Viewbar. This does nothing to your account, it is just the very nice option of being able to discontinue seeing the Viewbar with the click of button, anytime you wish.

That's quite a bit wrapped up in a single toolbar. Perhaps this is why AGLOCO is waiting to make sure all the software is functioning properly before they release it. I believe this is better than running the software out immediately and having to bring the system down for repairs. This may happen anyway, but at least the company can say they did everything possible to prevent any interruption in the service. It will be a great day when they release the Viewbar, who knows how much money this company (and we the membership) can make.


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