Monday, December 04, 2006


Click right here if you want easy, free money. When you think about all the promises of money from the internet it's really not hard to become jaded. Everyone guarantees financial freedom and untold riches are just around the corner. Fortunately, I believe people are becoming wise to all the scams. Which is why when there truly is some good news out there it is harder to get people's attention.

And there is good news. AGLOCO. Yes, I know, that doesn't make sense. It isn't even a word. AGLOCO, or, A GLObal COmmunity, is a new service that has just hit the internet. Actually, it is so new that the company is still not quite off the ground, but they are moving fast. This is a company that is going to make a lot of people some serious money and you can participate at zero dollar cost to you. I know, too good to be true, but read on. For all the liars on the internet there are still a few people that tell the truth.

AGLOCO is a company that has been formed to take advantage of what all of us own. At least all of us on the internet. The same thing that has made Google and Yahoo billions in revenue. Search. The internet, now more than ever, is based on searching for goods, services, reviews, and all sorts of information. Google has become a household name and they did all by making money in one thing. Search. Have you ever noticed all the online advertisements that fill many of the webpages that you surf? That is Yahoo, Google and others all capitalizing on your search. All the people searching on the internet for countless things made fortunes for these companies.

Now enter AGLOCO. There idea is simple. Why does everyone on the internet allow Google and a handful of advertising companies to get all the money from search? We should not. When we search for things, that is our time and the advertisers that pay Yahoo money should pay us the money. In short, AGLOCO is going to serve up the same types of ads you always see when you surf. The difference is they will serve them on a Viewbar that you have on your browser and YOU (not Google) will collect the money that advertisers pay. Think about it - why should Google and Yahoo, or Microsoft, get all the money? They are essentially middlemen between you and the advertiser, collecting lots of money. If you sign-up with AGLOCO you can get the money that advertisers pay for the things you search!

It doesn't stop there. Once you are a member you can ask your friends and family to sign-up. No pitch, no money to spend, no selling your information. Just "Hey, Mom and Dad, would you like to make the money that Google is currently making from your online activity?" It is only a matter of time before this idea becomes common sense in America and around the world. The whole time these few companies have monopolized the search advertising dollars (which is a billion dollar industry and growing ever year) while it is you and I who have been searching. If other people do sign-up to this amazing new program, you will earn money for their search, too. In fact, the referral system goes five deep. So if you only sign-up a few friends or family you could actually wind-up with thousands of referrals under you. Think about the fact that you could be part of the payout for thousands of people searching online and all the ad revenue they will be generating.

AGLOCO is going to change the face of the internet. This company is going to change how people view advertising on the web. So much of the internet has been direct contact, whether it is online auctions, buying cars, buying just about anything, finding a job, making a brokerage or banking transaction, all the things the internet has allowed us to take part directly in life. Now the time has come for us to take part directly in the advertising money that companies pay to try to sell us stuff. We can own that. You can own yet another part of what is inherently yours in the first place. Sign-up for AGLOCO today. No money, no loss of privacy, only taking money off the table from the big boys and putting it in your pocket, because it belongs to all of us anyway. A Global Community.


At 4:35 AM, Blogger scrt4u said...

Yes, its easy money but too little.
It's not bad to Make more with teamwork


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