Monday, January 08, 2007


AGLOCO is free. AGLOCO requires no work. There is no spyware of any kind. What's most important to realize about this new company is that they are paying you money. A very simple way of describing this organization is to think of buying order flow. When a advertiser pays for a banner ad on a large website, they are buying ad space so they can get as many eyes on their ad as possible. Sometimes a brokerage house will pay a securities dealer for order flow, in reality they are buying business. This type of model is used all the time.

Realize that it is YOU, the individual on the internet, you are the reason Yahoo and Google make billions of dollars in revenue. How? By the activity you take, by the searches that you perform. Think about when you search for a new album, for a broker, for a new home, anything that is commercial gets the search engine companies money. Lots of money! Now imagine that a company comes along and instead of taking all that money for the private corporations instead forms a new company, made solely out of the membership. Why do all the commercial companies that pay the search engine guys need to pay them? Are they not essentially middlemen? The advertisers want to get to us, and they are willing to pay for it. Now, the internet, and AGLOCO, will bring the two together. That means money for anyone who wants to get on board. This is a No-Brainer!

What makes AGLOCO so special is that they are paying average people, who are online doing dozens of normal tasks. Whether you are reading the news, chatting with friends, surfing the search engines, or paying your bills online, it just doesn't matter. All you need to do is sign-up, download a small piece of software, and then just use the internet as you always have. That's it. You will start making some extra money without any extra effort or expense.

And if you want to make significant money, then ask your friends and family to join the program. The more people you refer to AGLOCO, the more money you make. Everyone who joins, and all the people who get referred down the line from anyone you bring in, they all are your referrals. Direct and indirect referrals are treated the same with AGLOCO, and you stand to make a very nice income without any work. Plus, all your friends and family will be making money as well, so they will thank you for referral. Remember, no one ever, at any point in the process, pays AGLOCO anything. Never, not one dime, no secret fees or payments. AGLOCO does not even present the ability to make a payment, no credit card is ever asked for.

Join today. Signing-up is free, the software is free, referring your friends is free. Surf the net, make money every month. AGLOCO, it is that good!