Friday, December 22, 2006


Making AGLOCO money is going to be simple. At the same time, it should be clear to everyone involved how that money will be earned. A major component of this new company is convincing people to sign-up and believe that there will be a financial incentive in the end. Selling people to trust in something so revolutionary is simple in one sense (no cost to join, no spyware on the Viewbar) but hard in another, because people are naturally skeptical. Online consumers have become used to being pitched so many things on the internet, the tendency will be to just view this new company as another false promise. "What's the catch" is always the tagline when something sounds really good but little is needed to get it.

With AGLOCO, one of the things that I am noticing is that people can get carried away with the Member Calculator. When plugging in numbers to calculate how valuable your downlline will be, it is important to remember that the results that are given are not in dollars. They are not in any nation's currency. Those figures are based on AGLOCO shares. The important thing when you hear this news is not to get discouraged or assume that this means being part of this company has no value. AGLOCO is going to be extremely valuable to people, especially those who get sign-up early and recruit their friends and family into the company. The reality is that the shares are just one step along the way to get the money.

Here is how AGLOCO will pay its members, remember that AGLOCO is a brand new company and they will need some time to execute their strategy. First, the company is in the early phase of trying to get as many new members (owners) as possible. The more people that join, the more valuable the network is to advertisers, and the more money AGLOCO will make from those advertisers. This includes signing up people from around the world, in various countries. Rather than confront the situation of having to arrange payment to the members with various currencies, the solution was to issue shares from the company. This solves two problems at once.

First, it sets a universal payment platform. So now matter if a member lives in Canada, Italy, or whatever nation, they will all receive the same payment (of ownership) from the company. Later, those shares can be used to generate actual revenue in the currency for that nation. Second, this company is new and new companies need to acquire all the things that make the business possible, like computers, employees, equipment, office space, etc. The seed money of a company is just that, it needs to be put back into the business to grow for the future. AGLOCO will need some time (how much is never really discussed) to invest in itself. Issuing shares to members allows the company a little time to prepare itself, handle any difficulties that arise, and build up a financial reserve. Shares will compensate as almost an IOU, where the company is paying its membership currently but will substitue the money for the shares at another time. How they do that is still not resolved either, but it most likely will take the form of a dividend payment or a share repurchase situation, where members would turn in their shares for a certain amount of money in return.

Give this company some time. Patience, for a brand new company pushing a brand new concept, and with a brand new word, AGLOCO. They deserve it. For those who stick with the company, build their base, tell their friends, and utilize the program (actively using the Viewbar) there will be a good financial return in the end. Especially considering you put zero dollars into the company in the first place. You can't beat that investment.


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