Tuesday, December 19, 2006


AGLOCO has recently announced great news! The Viewbar (that wonderful toolbar that is going to pay you to surf the net) is going to be released very soon. Although there is still no definitive date, the range given by the company state that the Viewbar will be available somewhere in February.

The announcement came on December 16th that the Viewbar would be released to the earliest members of the AGLOCO community in the next 7 - 10 weeks. That translates to February 2 to February 23 for those early members to begin generating income. As far as a full rollout to all members, there still is no date. But the good news is that some members will be "live" in February, which means that by the Spring of 2007 there should be an extremely vibrant network. Those of us that have built up substantial referrals will be well compensated.

The more money that AGLOCO makes, the more free press they get, and the more active members will be in signing up their friends and family. The power of this network to grow is amazing. This company has great opportunity, and the great news is that we are the company. The Viewbar is the key to the entire money generating machine. With that just weeks away, the time is now to build up your referrals. Remember to let your friends now that the Viewbar has zero spyware, zero adware, and that the advertisements that run on this toolbar will be making the member money, not some internet advertising monstrosity, like Yahoo. The Viewbar will bring in substantial money to the company, and they will in turn distribute that to the members. How much you ask? The answer is 90% of all AGLOCO revenue will be distributed to members, both for their usage and for their referrals.

I don't know about you, but I can not wait for the Viewbar. More to come!


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