Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The more I learn about AGLOCO, the more I write about AGLOCO. And a big part of the learning process involves talking to other people who are interested in this new company. There seem to be two problems that stalk this company, one that is not a big deal and the other that could be potentially very dangerous to this new business model.

The first is not really a problem at all. That is the question of the Viewbar, when it will be available and will it harm the user's computer. The question of spyware always seems to come up. It is my opinion that the concept of AGLOCO putting spyware on anyone's computer will fade rather quickly. They have repeatedly stated that they have no interest and nothing to gain from secretly loading up software that the end user does not want. In fact, if the company ever made that mistake it would be the end of any credibility they would have. So, rest assured the company founders have no desire to destroy the great momentum they have created with some sad spyware programs.

The real issues with the Viewbar are how obtrusive will it be on the bottom of my browser, and how long do we all have to wait to actually get a working Viewbar that can start creating some cash flow? The first is not really known. From all indications the Viewbar will be resting on the base of the web browser and will not get in the way of any normal functions you would be performing on the net. Whether it will have "moving parts" as in flash or streaming content remains to be seen. My guess is that the AGLOCO team is going to be too smart to make the mistake that so many desperate advertisers make, which you are all too familiar with. How many times have you gone to a website only to have found tons of ads, frantically flashing advertisements that promise free gifts, and cheap looking multi-colored ads all mashed together in a mayhem of noise. The business leaders who started this new company will have the business and sociological skills to know that this form of advertiser never really worked well, and especially has no place in today's more sophisticated web surfer. People are at a point now where they can tell a garbage website pretty quickly compared to a quality content site.

The answer as to when is the Viewbar going to be available, well the good news there is that we have an initial start date of somewhere in February of 2007. For the first members who signed up in late November of 2006 there will be a rollout of the live Viewbar between February 6th to 23rd. Why those dates in particular? If you use the start point from when AGLOCO announced that they would have a live Viewbar operational, and use their given time of 7 to 10 weeks, it lands somewhere in those days in February. I can't imagine not having almost everyone a live Viewbar by no later that May.

The second overall problem is more serious. Most people I talk to are not that interested in getting shares of the company stock. In fact, they honestly just want the money. I don't blame them, owning shares of stock is more esoteric. Average people want to boost there average spending power. The only good way to do that is with good old fashioned money. Shares of AGLOCO are not terribly enticing. The company is new, and a start-up is just that. But I tell my friends and anyone who will listen that using shares is a great idea. It creates a worldwide foundation for how to compensate all AGLOCO members. From there, as the company gets it footing and builds a base of users, it can use those same shares as a mode of payment. Whether it is a dividend that can change from month to month or a repurchase program where you turn in your shares for money. Perhaps a blend, where you get some stock and some cash. Or maybe even you get shares and there is a moving market for them, so that you can sell them back to the company at varying price points.

The situation with AGLOCO is brand new, and the company will be successful. That is my belief. This model of advertising is here to stay and should be very effective for years. Even though we do not know right now how AGLOCO will pay their users, we do know one thing. If they don't pay them anything, they will not continue to keep using the viewbar. And if they do not use the Viewbar, then AGLOCO is going to be broke in very short order. This simple and pessimistic future will not happen. AGLOCO is smart, they will pay their users, and they will thrive.


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