Monday, December 25, 2006


In all the internet discussions about AGLOCO rarely do you find one that actually talks about how much money someone can make. We know that signing-up referrals can get you more money with the AGLOCO system, but how much more? Thanks to some recent updates by the company we are now a little closer to figuring that out.

AGLOCO's official blog recently mentioned the fact that your income from the company will double with every five successful referrals you make to the company. Although this still does not provide a hard number into your potential earnings, it does provide a good picture. Let's use some examples:

Say that for your five hours of use of the AGLOCO Viewbar plus your first five referrals came to a grand total of three dollars a month in revenue. That is just an arbitrary figure, it could be more or less than that in reality. The AGLOCO Viewbar is scheduled to be released to the earliest members sometime in February of this year. The three dollars is just for demonstration. Now, with three dollars in earnings for your own usage plus your first five referrals, we can simply use AGLOCO's formula for how we will make huge AGLOCO profits.

For every five more sign-ups you get, your income will double. So using our example, let's say you got twenty total sign-ups. Going from five referrals to ten means doubling that three dollars to six bucks. Okay, now let's add five more. So 15 total sign-ups means we double the six bucks to 12 dollars. Not too bad. Let's move on to 20 total sign-ups. We double our AGLOCO income (again) to a total of 24 dollars. Every five referrals means that you double your income.

This is very exciting news for heavy recruiters who already have over 1,000 registrations in their downline. For anyone who can get to a total of 10,000 or better, the amount of money AGLOCO will be paying out will be amazing. Especially considering this company had no upfront costs, no privacy invasions, and their landing page makes for a very easy sell to your friends and family. The message is simple. You are being served up ads all over the internet, why not make a few bucks since it is unavoidable. No gimmicks, no tricks, just register and use the Viewbar for five hours a month. Get your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same and make a lot more money.

Everyone is a winner with AGLOCO. If you haven't sign-up yet, you should do so today.


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